Considerable Content
We make games.
Founded in Melbourne, Australia, by Scott and Edward, Considerable Content and their collaborators have worked in the games industry and been an active part of the Melbourne games scene for several years. During this time Considerable Content has tried their hand at a variety of titles and game styles.
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Independent Games

Rogue Singularity

Full Game - In development

Rogue Singularity is a high-speed infinite obstacle course. Navigate the perils at the edge of a rogue singularity as it tears worlds apart. Customise your robot and face infinite challenges, fighting to survive...

PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Cargo Chaos

Full Game - Released

As the captain of a cargo liner with a sudden exodus of dock workers it's up to you and your newfound telekinetic powers to load the boats and make sure your cargo reaches its destination...

iOS, Android, BlackBerry


Game Jam

You must help your lost and stranded kin find their way home. See through their eyes to help them negotiate their way through a world distorted by their own fears...

PC, Mac, Linux

Heart On Your Sleeve

Game Jam

A race against time to deliver yourself and your most vital organ to a hospital. Heart on your sleeve is a puzzle platformer where you have a limited time to carry a slippery heart to the end of the game...

PC, Mac

Our Team

Scott Beca

Technical Director

Edward Blanch

Creative Director


We have frequent collaborators that we work with often, from amazing musicians to designers, programmers or artists.


We build our own games but we are also available to help other companies and individuals to bring their work to life. We’d love to offer our assistance in all and any aspects of the game development process.

Full Game Development

Specialising in Unity game development, but adaptable to any engine, we can work with you through the entire game development process from design to release.

Game Art

Need more artists to bring your game design and mechanics to life? We can create amazing 2D or 3D game art in any style imaginable, that both meets your requirements and is suitable for your target platforms.

Game Programming

We can make your game design shine as well as help improve your pipeline through editor scripts to make your work and ours more efficient.

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